"I Do's" and "I Don'ts" : Tips for Marriage Proposal

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DO make your proposal a reflection of your unique love story, so that it can't be replicated by any other couple.
  • DO make your proposal a reflection of your unique love story, so that it can't be replicated by any other couple.
  • To get a sense of your unique love story, think about your history together as a couple. Start by writing down a list of things that are meaningful to you, such as inside jokes or nicknames. Recall meaningful memories of things you have done together, such as first trip, first concert together, or the first place you said "I love you."
  • DO document your proposal. This is easier to do now than ever before – you can choose to hire a professional photographer, or just have a friend waiting with an iPhone in the corner paparazzi-style.
  • DO have a ring. Often, women want to be involved in choosing their engagement ring. If this is the case, be prepared with a placeholder ring, such as a candy ring or a costume jewelry ring.
  • DON'T be a cliché. Avoid any ideas that pop up on the first few pages of a Google search – placing the ring in a glass of champagne or writing "Will you marry me" in chocolate on a dessert plate are hardly original or personal proposal ideas and definitely do not reflect your unique love story.
  • DON'T tell everyone. "Loose lips sink ships" is one cliché that does apply to marriage proposals. Make sure that everyone is on a need-to-know basis, including friends, family, and even parents – wait until the last possible second to inform everyone.
  • DON'T forget to think about the aftermath. Don't propose right before heading off to work in the morning – make sure to factor in time post-proposal to share your joy and to reflect on the moment together.
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