Choosing the Perfect Frame

Leading frame dealer Eli Wilner on different types of frames and how to choose the best one for a particular piece of art.

Making it in Modeling

Chris Gay, President of Marilyn Model Agency, on what it really takes to break into modeling.

The Art of Buying Auctioned Art

Judd Tully, editor at large of Art + Auction, on choosing and purchasing art at an auction.

A Guide to Classic Cars

Zac Mosely, Director of the Classic Car Club Manhattan, on how to choose and purchase a classic car.

The Art of Landscaping with Fernando Wong

Miami's most sought-after landscape designer, Fernando Wong, on choosing a landscape designer and creating the landscape of your dreams.

Giving the Perfect Presentation

Seasoned speech consultant Stephanie Silverman on five effective tips for public speaking.

A Guide to Interior Design and Architecture

Todd Davis and Robert Brown on the interior design process, the architectural process, and the difference between an interior designer and a decorator.

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