What does KIS stand for?

Keep It Special. These aren't the average instructional videos that seem to flood the Internet these days. Whereas just about anyone can post a how-to video online, our videos feature relevant and helpful information from the experts themselves, because we believe in keeping our content special.

How do you choose your topics and your experts?

We try to feature topics that we know our members will enjoy and we're not afraid of asking an expert in that particular field to grace us with their knowledge and expertise. We also love to hear what our members have to say.

Can I suggest an expert or a topic?

Absolutely! We are committed to providing relevant, exciting videos and would love to hear what you're interested in. We can't guarantee that your topic or expert will be featured, but we'll certainly make an effort! Send your suggestions via e-mail to feedback@kisgroup.com

Can I be an expert in something?

Hey, we're sure you're good at many things, but it's pretty hard to be classified as a “KIS Expert.” We thoroughly research our experts in order to ensure that they really are the best of the best, because we know our members won't settle for anything less. Our high standard is what distinguishes KIS from the dozens of instructional videos available online and makes your experience more meaningful and inspiring. If you think that you qualify as the best of the best in your field, kudos to you! We suggest you send your information to us at feedback@kisgroup.com

I'm having some technical difficulty with my password and account settings. What now?

Have you tried using our Forgot Password feature? If you're still having trouble, contact our friendly neighborhood tech & support staff. They're really cool and they'll be happy to help you.

What do I get by inviting people?

Why, lots and lots of self-fulfillment, of course! The satisfaction that comes with knowing that you're opening the doors for your friends and family to join the ranks of the upper echelons of awesomeness. Be prepared for the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you're sharing good things with people you love... Oh, and keep an eye out for our invite incentive initiative. From time to time an expert will offer an incentive (think one-on-one cooking lessons, photography session, the works!) and the first five people to successfully invite ten of their friends to the website will receive the reward.

How can I help KIS?

Wow, thanks so much for your interest! Here's how to spread the word: invite your friends! Post nice things about us on Facebook! Follow our Twitter! Tattoo our logo onto your forehead! Okay, that's a little extreme, but you get the point. The more people join KIS, the more videos and quality content we will be able to upload, which would make us happy and you even happier. So it's a win-win!