About Us

KIS is a members-only website that offers exclusive access to videos featuring top experts from a variety of different fields. Learn from the best of the best as they reveal the secrets of their trade and join a dynamic community of people who share your passion to be in the know.

The KIS Philosophy

We're working under the assumption that you're the kind of person who is passionate about exploring topics that interest you. You'd like to know more awesome things. Or, at least, you've tried to sort through the how-to websites and videos that flood the Internet and have come away, well, slightly disappointed.

We've all been there.

Because you want to be in the know. You know, in the loop. Get a handle on what's really going on. Who's who, what's what. Learn the tricks of the trade from the cream of the crop.

It's rough to be in the rough. Trying to find that one useful nugget of advice buried beneath layers of unhelpful tutorials and online videos. It's sort of like finding a needle in a haystack. Or, you know, a diamond in the rough.

What if you could reach beyond the confines of Google searches? What if you could dive right into the heart of it all? What if you could keep your finger on the pulse of everything without even having to wear it out scrolling through endless versions of the basics?

So that's where KIS comes in. We'll try not to get too snarky, but we may or may not have access to the best of the best.

Okay, you caught us, we do. The trustees of gourmet truffles. The hands that craft the designer handbag. The soul behind superior sake.

We get that your time is precious. It's about maximizing. Learning about ordinary topics from extraordinary people. Experts, if you will, though we prefer to call them connoisseurs. The topics are eclectic, but so are you.

It's about going beyond the humdrum simplicity that defines how-to videos out there. With KIS, you'll have a chance to learn about topics that grab your interest with people who've made these subjects their life.