Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Julie Sabatino, aka "The Stylish Bride," on choosing your dream wedding dress.

Choosing Eyewear Frames

Edward Beiner, owner and founder of Edward Beiner eyewear stores, on choosing the right frames to complement your face.

Caring for Leather

Carlos Mesquita, owner of Leather Spa, on keeping your leather shoes up to scuff.

A Conversation with Rene Ruiz

Miami-based couture designer Rene Ruiz on what's hot and what's not for the summer season.

Maintaining Your Denim

Denim Therapy's Eric Schmidt offers tips on how to take care of your jeans.

Capturing a Woman's Natural Beauty in a Photograph

Russell James, photographer for Victoria's Secret, describes how to capture a woman's natural beauty in a photograph.

The Distinctiveness of Haute Couture

Designer Gilles Montezin on the distinctiveness of haute couture.

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