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Why partner with KIS?

Let's face it. There is nothing more frustrating than settling in to watch a music video online and finding yourself forced to watch a paper towel commercial first. Or having to stare endlessly at an advertisement for laundry detergent while you wait for a website to load. In a world where billboards and ads bombard us from all directions, advertising can become irrelevant, ineffective, and practically meaningless. Advertising with KIS is a uniquely dynamic and individualized marketing opportunity.
Reach your audience

Reach your target clientele

KIS draws an audience of go-getters inspired to explore the very best of whatever topic it is that might interest them. We offer exclusive access to connoisseurs in an eclectic array of fields, be it luxury handbag designers, sake experts, or world-famous cosmeticians. Partnering with KIS gives your corporation the opportunity to reach your target clientele by sponsoring videos related to your product.
Be a part of the experience

Be a part of the experience

KIS members like to be in the know; to climb to the very heights of expertise. Our members are passionate about searching, growing, and learning, and refuse to settle for anything short of the best. By partnering with KIS, your company can become a dynamic part of the experience, joining our clients in their quest for greatness by offering products that are sure to appeal to them.
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